How to Fold and Unfold a Razor Scooter? Complete Guide

Learning how to properly fold and unfold your razor scooter will help keep it in great condition and make it easier to store and transport. Razor scooters are designed to be folded up for convenience and portability. With just a few quick steps, you can collapse it down in seconds whenever you need to pack it up.

Supplies Needed

Steps to Fold a Razor Scooter

  1. Stand the scooter upright and lock the steering column into place by pushing down the lever near the base of the handlebars. This keeps the front wheel aligned and stabilized.
  2. Locate the latch in the center of the scooter deck near the rear fender. Lift up on the latch to release the folding mechanism.
  3. With one hand on the handlebars and one hand holding the rear fender, gently push the handlebars forward to fold the scooter in half. The folding joint will collapse inward.
  4. Press firmly on the folded scooter to lock it closed. The latch should automatically re-engage. Your scooter is now folded up for storage and transport!

Steps to Unfold a Razor Scooter

  1. Place the folded scooter upright on the ground.
  2. Locate the rear latch and lift up to disengage the locking mechanism.
  3. With one hand on the base and the other holding the handlebars, gently pull the handlebars up and back until the folding joint is extended and locked.
  4. Release the steering column lever to unlock the front wheel.
  5. Give your unfolded scooter a quick test roll to make sure everything is properly locked into the open position.
  6. When properly unfolded, your Razor scooter will roll smoothly and feel stable and rigid. The folding components should be locked and secured.
  7. Get ready to scoot and ride!

Important Safety Tips

  • Always fold and unfold your scooter slowly and cautiously. Avoid pinching fingers in folding joints.
  • Periodically check that latches, locks, and hinges are working properly. Replace any worn parts.
  • Only ride your scooter when completely unfolded and with all parts locked into position.
  • Store your folded scooter indoors to prevent damage.
  • Consult the user manual for model-specific instructions if needed.

Properly folding and unfolding your Razor scooter takes just seconds and will help you safely enjoy the ride! Let the scooting begin!

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