Review: Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter

The Fuzion Pro X5 Scooter is an entry level stunt scooter. It comes complete with just a few bolts to tighten, as opposed some pro-style electric bikes and skateboards where you have purchase individual parts for customization purposes – which many advanced riders choose do if they’re looking into upping their game on the street or track! The Oakland California based company markets this model towards young beginners interested more so than ever before in becoming masters of trick riding (and quite frankly; it makes perfect sense). This means that these particular childen fall within our 8 year to 13+ years olds who are ready themselves not only physically but mentally too after having experienced everything life has had offer them already at such tender ages

Fuzion X5 Kids Scooter
Fuzion Pro X5 Kids Scooter
Fuzion Pro X5

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  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Weighs: just 7.4lbs
  • Max weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Great for: kids 8-13 years old
  • Skill: Beginner to intermediate

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Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter: What you will get?

The new Pro X-5 takes the industry by storm, with an entirely unique 6061 aluminum box design that is both tough and sleek. The compression system has been updated to include threadless headsets as well sealed bearings for maximum durability on any type of terrain you can throw at it! With FUZION’s trademark 3D stamping process behind these custom made steel forks they will be able withstand even more abuse than ever before while still fitting your 110mm wheels perfectly – making this bike perfect if rugged off road riding excites

This year’s model comes equipped not just one but two sets (50 mm & 55 mm) high penalization tires which provide great traction in various terrains like snow or sand. Also, It features a North Core technology that makes this product more durable.

Quick & Easy Assembly:

Quick and easy 2-minute assembly with all parts, instructions, and tools included. Ready to ride instantly so you focus on learning new tricks!

Strong & Durable:

Featuring Pro-Level Fuzion Components

  • 6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum 4″ x 20″ Deck
  • High-Tensile Steel 21.5” x 18″ Bar
  • IHC Threadless Compression
  • 3D-Stamped Steel Fork
  • Solid Triple-Bolt Clamp
  • 100mm Cast 85 PU 5-Spoke Metal Core Wheel
  • Nylon/Steel Custom Brake

Ages 7+ Years Old:

Built for the pros but recommended for a minimum age of 7 years old.

Skatepark & Street Use:

Flip it at the skatepark or grind it on the street. Fuzion Pro Scooters are built to take a beating.

Fuzion Pro X5: What Type of Kid is it good for?

The Fuzion Pro X5 is a great all-around scooter for kids ages 5 and up. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. It’s also great for kids who are looking to get into freestyle riding or just want a durable, reliable scooter to cruise around on.

What to Love: ✓ Value for Price ✓ Strength & Durability ✓ Color Options

Fuzion Pro X5 Kids Scooter Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.2 /5 on Amazon at the time of writing, with 65% of reviewers giving the Fuzion Pro X5 a 5-star score.

This pro scooter is built for speed and maneuverability. It features a lightweight alloy frame with an extra-wide deck for stability, and front and rear caliper brakes for quick stops. The Fuzion Pro X5 is also equipped with 100mm wheels and ABEC-9 bearings for a smooth ride.

We absolutely love this scooter! It’s durable, has great speed, and is perfect for tricks and stunts. Our only complaint is that the handlebars are a bit too low for our taller riders. Overall, the Fuzion Pro X5 is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced riders alike.

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